MILESTONE core expertise in hotel system and applications include :
Milestone IPTV System

This IPTV system not only delivers HD & SD television signal to each hotel room but also provide good variety of TV channels, rich choice of movie & music content, quick access to hotel services and info, broadband internet, and even functions for housekeeping & Engineering usage. Not to mention its Remote Control is built compatible with all TV models, it can even integrate with Smart TVs without STB. And it also come along with hotel application designed for Apple iOS and Android OS based mobile devices which provide hotel customers with quick, modern, constant and user-friendly access to topical information about hotel facilities and services.

1. Super Media (media panel)

Simply Plug & Play with Multimedia AV interface. Light power consumption. Auto CEC, auto sense and auto switch. Connectivity Apple®, Android™, Windows, Tablets and others. Single HD Video cable easy connection to the HKTV (wired or wireless). Universal power supply. And also provide different shapes form factor for convenient USB charging without big renovation and customization at hotel needs.

2. Secure Wi-Fi with Social Media Capture

Combines the benefits of Wi-Fi access with industryˇ¦s best security technology in a single solution, enabling businesses to provide hassle-free Wi-Fi guest access, while satisfying PCI compliance and protecting the network from security threats. It also help hoteliers to capture the social media data from internet users for targeted marketing.

Multimedia Display System (iDisplay)
Internet Kiosk System (iKiosk)
Table Management System (iTMS)
Guest Relationship Management (iGRM)
Club Management System (iClub)
Spa System (iSpa)
Digital Signage System

The signage system simply has three parts: Web-based CMS using Internet broswer, Content Providers will select template and upload content. Control Center System Administrators will operate the system in the server room for template creation, channel management and schedule management. Media Player Player software will be installed inside a PC which is attached to the display. All information will be downloaded to the Media PC automatically. Content will be played according to the schedule.

Procurement System

The undisputed Market Leader in its category and the most Advanced Software Application of its kind developed by Hospitality and Specialized Technology Industry professionals with years of worldwide or local expertise in their respective fields.

It covers in the most comprehensive way all Hospitality Operational aspects of Purchasing, Inventory, Stores Management, Cost Control, Recipe & Buffet Engineering and Corporate Procurement or Consolidation while providing an extensive variety of reporting flexibility.

Its dynamic "data interchange" with the leading POS and Accounting Systems and also its fast and effortless adaptability to any Language or Legal requirement in addition to its scalability constitute the ideal solution for any Hospitality Organization like Hotels & Resorts (Independent or Chain), Casinos, Theme Parks, Cruise Ships, Restaurants of any kind, Bars etc .

Internet Bandwidth Controller

This Controller will take a couple of seconds to learn your WAN speed and type and number of users/devices. It will make 50,000 times/sec to decide which packet of data to go first in Layer 2 OSI model. It makes instantaneous adjustment to make best use of scarce WAN resources. Constantly reordering traffic queue, throttling devices using too much bandwidth & leveling peak load traffic.

It is unlike other traffic shaper or WAN optimization techniques that require human to set up static rules & policies that cannot code with the changing environment of the network. On the contrary, the Controller deploy dynamic and automatic policies that will change with your network environment to offer optimum performance with your limited WAN resources.

Milestone Lighting Solution

Milestone System has established partnership with a lighting solution company in China which aim to provide a good variety of lighting products to hospitality as well as retail industry. We not only got our own sizable R&D and production line, but also put product quality and environmental safe on top of priority. The production pass ISO9000 with products certified with CE, CCC, ROHS, etc. Customers can be found in countries like USA, Germany, India, Russia, South Africa, Quebradillas, Uzbekistan, Canada, China, and HK. And we also able to take up lighting project.

USB Cy5er

USB Cy5er is a hardware technology for encrypting. USB Crypto Module Cy5er is compatible with USB 2.0 and with SPC-CA protocol.

Please see the part of our solutions with USB Crypto Module Cy5er:
- Franchise System
- Gambling

Click for details : CY5ER.pdf

1. Franchise System based on USB Cy5er Technology

Every successful franchisor has implemented a system for observing and control of their franchisees. This kind of system involves server solution with specialized application. The application collects data from the franchisees. In a oil station for example (or any other franchise business) the tills are using software developed application for sales, which is allowed to run only in the presence of the hardware key. The key is needed for encryption, authorization and signing every issued receipt/invoice. Together with the signature is printed a bar-code. This prohibits the possibility of changing the information and then sending it as a correct to the server. The server will reject it due to that the signature is nor recognized, because it can not be emulated or duplicated. The system uses PKI architecture. In order to discover fake issued receipts/invoices the franchisor is making a lotteries in which the bar-code is scanned and according to it the printed document is verified.

More information about the USB Crypto dongle: It is a latest generation USB 2.0 compatible device w/t built-in cryptomodule interfaced according to ISO/IEC 7816, compatible with SPC-CA protocol.

Click for details : Scheme_F.pdf
2. Gambling System based on USB Cy5er Technology

In the latest years for good or bad the online gambling games became very popular.
The businesses are taking different security measures for protection of the gamblesˇ¦ personal data. Such actions are necessary not only for protection, but also for identity authentication in a simple, but proven manner.

We developed a solution that identifies every online gambler. First is placed a registration, then according to the personal data filled-in is sent a USB hardware key ˇV digital signature. When a gambler is logging in a game its identity is verified according to the USB digital signature. The same is used for transferring the won amounts from the game prizes to the gamblersˇ¦ bank accounts.

The digital signature implies mathematical methods for demonstrating the authenticity of the digital message. Also the digital signature gives a guarantee that the signed message is sent by know sender and that the information was not altered or disrupted during the process.

Click for details : Scheme_Gambling.pdf

Other Solutions

- PMS (Property Management System)
- Job Dispatch System
- Compcierge
- Keylock System
- Access Control System
- CCTV System
- POS (Point-of-Sales)
- Passport & ID Scan
- Website Design and Hosting
- HR system
- Back Office Accounting
- Call Accounting System
- Business Intelligence
- Mini Bar System
- I-Docking
- Lighting & Energy Saving
- AV System
- Background Music System
- Managed Security Services
- Data Backup
- Network Gear
- WiFi and Wired network set up
- Network and Cabling Services
- Computer set up or Removal
- Leased Line and VPN
- Air Purification System (for assigned area or whole building)
- Scent System (release scent in building, it associate for brand recognition & image)
- Instant messaging and communication solution
- Parking Lot System with Gate

For any other system in need, please voice out.


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